Twisting his pancake
A mad vampire drew the wrath
of a grim trucker.

Wrapped in cellophane
Cannily waiting his turn
The mad vampire choked.

Drenched in pear vodka
A mad vampire slugged the jaw
Of the stout bouncer.

Stalled in the check out
The mad vampire knocked three cans
From a crone’s food stack.

Slurping late noodles
In Chinese dives, the vampire
Could not slake his thirst.

Her Chinese buffet
drew lithe sophomores, bulky girls
and one mad vampire.

Time is a flat cat
said a mad vampire sucking
on an old maiden.

At the rundown lanes
Disguised to rent bowling shoes
A sly mad vampire

Holding five stamp rolls
Dressed in a mailman’s blue garb
A mad vampire licked.

In a grocery cart
Watching clean Whole Foods bag boys
Skulked a mad vampire.

Back from his slow cruise
Practicing on tomatoes
A mad vampire chewed.