There’s nothing spookier and more seasonal than a well-decorated, well-posed stuffed rat, so gather up all of your common household objects, stuffed rats and toy figurines to make some amazing dioramas and spook your friends and family!

Rat-O-Lantern. Dunk a stuffed rat in orange paint. Glue on candy corn for goofy eyes and nose. Place near candle.

The Headlass Ratman. Chop the head off of a stuffed rat and glue to a toy horse. Dress rat in tiny black cape.

Vampire Rat. Dribble ketchup on a stuffed rat’s mouth. Cut wings from a black trash bag and attach. Hang from ceiling.

Hunchrat of Notre Dame. Inject a stuffed rat with liquid rubber to create a good-size hump. Place on an old toy church.

Mummy of Amen-Rat. Wrap a stuffed rat in burnt, tattered gauze. Set on a cardboard sarcophagus. Sprinkle with spiders.

The Tell-tale Rat. Recreate Poe’s tale by putting a rat under some creaky floorboards. Rat squeaks replace the heartbeats.

Jack the Ratter. Re-create the Victorian killer by dressing a stuffed rat in a black cape. Surround with toy prostitutes.

Basil Rat-bone. Salute Holmes’ creepy cases. Dress a stuffed rat with a hunting cap and pipe. Display with rabid hound.

Dead Rats on a Stoop. Throw a few stuffed rats on your doorstep. Add several half-nibbled pieces of poisoned candy corn.