May 4, 16,000 BC A paleolithic man finishes the first still life cave painting of an apple and a pear.

January 31, 1932 Gertrude Stein performs her one-woman show ‘Cranberries Are Go!’ for the first time.

June 3, 1884 Hakan Olagard finishes circumnavigating the globe in a vessel made entirely from mangoes.

April 10, 1958 Queen Elizabeth II performs the ‘Dance of the Sultry Pomegranate’ for Dwight Eisenhower.

February 12, 1839 President Martin van Buren nominates Johnny Appleseed to be the first Secretary of Fruit.

August 1, 1981 Pop band Durian Durian scores a worldwide hit with their single ‘Save a Pear’.

April 10, 1961 Harry Belafonte fails to get a follow-up hit upon releasing the Pink Lady Apple Boat Song.

July 7, 1907 Composer Gustav Mahler destroys all manuscript versions of his Orange Marmalade Variations.

August 10, 1964 Congress enacts civil rights law giving dwarf apples the same voting rights as ‘normal’ apples.

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