Have a 50-Chili Picnic with a chili for every state: Louisiana Crawfish Chili, Hawaiian Pineapple Chili…

Be green and save used fireworks to re-light next year. They’ll be less fiery but more efficient.

Make a patriotic Stars and Stripes snack using mayonnaise, ketchup and blueberry-flavored jellybeans.

Plan to dream of John Adams, George Washington and Betsy Ross performing Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’.

Have a Supreme Court-themed dance party where everyone dresses up as their favorite justice. Think of the possibilities…

Use your Mitt Romney action figurines to create a stop-motion film of Mitt performing ‘Swanee River’.

Rent a copy of The Best of the Dancing Eisenhowers

Pageant of the Secretaries of the Interior

Hire a Queen Elizabeth II impersonator to sit in a dunking booth and toss baseballs at the target.

Bake sponge cake in the shape of Wyoming

Stage a musical version of the Clarence Thomas approval hearings featuring the song ‘Hair in My Coke’.

Celebrate the traditional British way, with a plate of fish and chips and a warm pint of Newcastle.

If you found these ideas inspiring, be sure to check out Space Command and the Planets of Doom: http://amzn.to/atEZo9