#1 Keanu has never appeared in an all-female production of King Lear.

#2 Keanu has not developed any new varieties of papaya.

#3 Keanu was never married to Elizabeth Taylor.

#4 Keanu played the irate dispatcher Louie on the hit show Taxi….Wait, that was Danny DeVito.

#5 Keanu was not considered for the Supreme Court spot held by Sonia Sotomayor.

#6 Keanu is often confused with the elegant New York politician Keanu Delano Roosevelt.

#7 Keanu has never recorded his rendition of The Banana Boat Song.

#8 If he wanted, Keanu could make lots of money with a line of nut-based snacks, Keanuts.

#9 He is unlikely to be cast in the lead role of The Sonny Bono Story.

#10 Keanu would make a great name for any more moons discovered around Jupiter.

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