This blog post is the first is an amazing, groundbreaking series taking you behind the scenes to what goes on in the production of some of my favorite tweets.  After a great deal of consideration, I’ve decided to call the series ‘Behind the Tweet’!


The first tweet to be distinguished in this manner is my recent tweet of January 24:


Idea for story #10: Truman Capote Jr. gets a lifeguard job in Palm Beach where he saves three orphaned alligators from a hurricane.


As you’ll notice, this tweet in itself is part of a series.  Who doesn’t love series?  You, the innocent blog reader, are probably already waiting for ‘Idea for a story #11’!


This post came to me when I had the hilarious idea, ‘What if Truman Capote had an illegitimate bastard son who looked just like him – and could maybe be played by Mike Meyers in the movie version with a bald cap like Dr. Evil?’ 


The next step in the tweet production process was to imagine Truman Capote Jr. in an unusual situation fraught with dramatic potential.  So after a quick bout of research to insure that Palm Beach was located near the ocean, I came up with the idea of making TCJ a lifeguard.  


The final touch was the heart-wrenching addition of the cute, lovable alligators, who will probably be animated characters in the movie version.


I can already imagine future adventures for Truman Capote Jr., such as a visit to a biker bar and a stint in the Marines.  But that’s why they call it a series!


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