Behind The Tweet #3


This edition of Behind the Tweet takes you behind the scenes of my recent tweet:

Idea for a story #21 An avant-garde director stages West Side Story with rival zombie gangs, but Maria is attacked by a real flesh-eater.

Who hasn’t wanted to revive their favorite Broadway musical as a jazzed-up zombie gore-fest?  Now that zombies have been the rage for a while, musical theater is way behind the curve. 


This tweet was inspired by my work in sketching out West Side, Gory, my gut-ripping update on the beloved, but sadly monsterless, classic.


In my re-visioning of the all-too human original, the Debts, a gang of foreclosed-on, recession-pounded, homeless cast-offs, square off against the Shards, a shambling bunch of tenement-dwelling, drool-slinging, Devil-may-care zombies. 


The Debts try keeping up their spirits amid a mob of dead goons, dancing a manic number while knowing that one drop of contaminated zombie saliva will seal their fate. (‘Drool, drool, keep off the drool, boys’).  


When headstrong Tony ignores all the Debts taboos and falls for one of the living dead (‘I just met a corpse named Maria’), the zombie girls get excited that one of their own has finally met a living guy.  Maria excitedly dresses for her big date (‘I Feel Living…’) while her mangled, decayed friends imagine their new potential lives dating humans.  (‘Even dead girls get guys in America’.)


Tony takes a lot of flack when the Debts meet his new squeeze and they warn him severely. (‘Tonight, tonight.  There won’t be cross-breeding tonight’).  Tony runs off to join his true love and tries to find a new peace between men and zombies.  (‘There’s a crypt for us…’).  But matters descend to an all-out blood-spraying, body-part-slicing, munch-a-thon and Maria is left to lament her lost human love, although she’s fortunately able to salvage some of his body parts as keepsakes. (‘One Hand, One Heart’).


Production details are still in the works, pending financing.


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