#1.  Ike’s bubble gum sculptures won a blue ribbon at the Bazooka 1932 Gum Art Open.


#2.  Ike spent late nights in the White House kitchen perfecting his special pear cobbler.


#3.  Eisenhower’s favorite hobbit was Pippin.


#4.  Ike was voted Most Popular Salsa Teacher 3 years in a row at Lupe’s Miami Dance Center.


#5.  Contrary to popular belief, Eisenhower never performed live with Tina Turner.


#6.  Eisenhower probably had lots of inappropriate dreams about Eleanor Roosevelt. 


#7.  Ike never worked the sour cream station at Chipotle Mexican Grill. 


#8.  Eisenhower & Howe would’ve made a great name for a vaudeville comedy team. 


#9.  Eisenhower never appeared in a skit on Saturday Night Live  


#10.  Eisenhower never had his own celebrity fragrance. 


#11.  Eisenhower was never considered for the part of Fred on ‘I Love Lucy’.


Eisenhower also never purchased Space Command and the Planets of Doom: http://amzn.to/atEZo9