Category: cats

She was dancing to the rhythm of the cat

But then one day had a sudden realization that cats have no particular rhythm

And they’re not known for dancing in general

Which transformed her dancing to a hollow charade

A mangled false tribute to a mammalian carnival that didn’t even exist

A misguided, poorly conceived cross-species shadow saturnalia

Making a mockery of her own purported feline expertise

Implicating participation in a perversion of cat values

A misinterpretation that called into question her previous cat culture efforts

And so the dancing stopped before her catness damage was unsalvageable

And instead she stood in the garden by the rows of celery.


The Smoking Cat

The smoking cat

took a puff

and considered many things.

from villanelles to Roman wells and broken mattress springs.

The smoking cat

refilled his pipe

and walked to Coffee Town

to have a macchiato with two shots, made upside down.

The barista frowned

and told the cat

“That pipe is bad for you”.

So the cat discarded it and bought tobacco made to chew.