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The Invisible Mummy was having another bad day.
He’d been causing disturbances at the used car dealership, making mild bits of mayhem by disconnecting computers from wall sockets, smearing windows with bandage grease and pushing Mini Coopers out of their parking spaces. But the inattentive car dealers were too bored, distracted or hungover to notice his disruptions…..
I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter II – Now available for Kindle!
Devin has to deal with a creepy séance, a meeting with a forest phantom and a haunted Victorian lantern before he can get to the bottom of the strange circumstances around the Holster haunting.
I Was a TGH II wattpad

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American Sex Laundry

Langston grimly watched the sad-looking clowns go through their routines. The dire moon, with its grey valleys and thin ponds of aquamarine goo, had enough difficulties, the inhabitants eking out an existence from mined stones and subsisting on common dehydrated fruits and flat slabs of compressed meat simulations, without being reminded of the drearier side of life by downbeat performances.

Moon Clown:

Continued: The Clowns of the Moon

The sequel is here!

High school sophomore Devin Mulwray isn’t happy being known as the Ghost Boy at Grey Bluff High in Arcata, California.  Since Devin’s dramatic encounters with the angry ghost of Rutherford Rousten, stories about his unique paranormal abilities have spread all over town.

Devin’s trying to get back to a normal life and cope with his new job at a trendy fashion shop when bizarre occurrences start happening all over again.  A stuck-up girl at school starts behaving very strangely during a school rally, appearing to be under a demented trance.  Devin finds himself again summoned to disturbing dead-of-the-night encounters with the resident spirit of the old Escamonde Hotel.  And Grey Bluff High’s most enthusiastic paranormal expert, Nayra Montez, insists that Devin meet up with her enigmatic mentor, Dagmar Wiltschaft, to learn more about the occult.

Before Devin knows what’s happening, he and his two best friends, oddball musician Clive Welter-Manes and technology enthusiast Rex Hisakawa, are drawn into investigating ghostly manifestations at the expansive home of the wealthy Holster family.  Devin’s girlfriend Emily starts wondering about all the time he’s spending with Nayra and Regina while Devin has his own questions about why Emily always seems to be talking about the handsome, multi-talented Joaquin Veracruz.

Devin has to deal with a creepy séance, a meeting with a forest phantom and a haunted Victorian lantern before he can get to the bottom of the strange circumstances around the Holster haunting.


I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter II

If you are looking for a book to help you get into the Halloween mood, or just feel like getting a good spooktastic ghost story in your life then this book is for you!

I thought this book was totally amazing! The characters were interesting and kept me amused throughout the entire story, and I found myself excited to see what crazy thing they did next.

I found the interactions with Rex, Clive, and Devin comical and I absolutely love how each of their personalities worked with each other. The three of them definitely make a very entertaining trio!

All in all I enjoyed “I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter” very much, and most definitely recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in ghosts or the paranormal!

“Devin stared through the large plate glass window of the Escamonde Hotel at the dark branches of the walnut tree. In between two of the large, lower branches there was a wispy, white piece of fabric. Or at least, there had been one second before. He blinked, and saw the fabric again. But then he jerked away and yelped…

And this is just the first paragraph…Just in time for Halloween Author Brian K. Henry has gifted me a copy of his book “I WAS A TEENAGE GHOST HUNTER” and let me tell you this book is definitely a book you wanted to slip in your kids Trick or Treat bag for Halloween. I absolutely loved this book.

I… could… not… put this book down until the very end. That’s right I read this book in one sitting…it’s that good. There were a lot of spooky and unexpected twist and turns…but there were moments I could not stop laughing. This is definitely that kind of Halloween book that kids… and adults of all ages… will definitely fall in love with. This book would definitely make a wonderful Halloween cartoon special, which I would definitely curl up in my favorite chair to watch.

Without giving away too much about the book, I am very pleased with the ending, and when… and if… a sequel comes out I’m all ready. I highly recommend this spooky… but comical book…like I said before…just in time for Halloween.”

Find the book on Amazon:

Opening of my novel I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter:

Devin stared through the large plate glass window of the Escamonde Hotel at the dark branches of the walnut tree.  In between two of the large, lower branches there was a wispy, white piece of fabric.  Or at least, there had been one a second before.  He blinked, and saw the fabric again.  But then he jerked away and yelped.

A small stream from the cup of caramel latte had burned his hand.  The paper cup lay on the floor where he’d dropped it, a pool of overpriced, precious sugary brown liquid pouring out around it.  “Shit,” he muttered.

“Isn’t that the fourth latte you dropped this week?” Ramona was asking in all seriousness, without the slightest trace of humor.  She had somehow instantly turned up at Devin’s side, where he hadn’t realized she was standing, and was looking darkly at the mess spreading on the floor.

Devin quickly wiped the hot latte drippings from his hands on a white towel and began soaking up the remains of the failed beverage with all the recycled napkins and paper towels in the vicinity.  He muttered some insincere apologies to Ramona and the elderly lady tourist who looked on peevishly from the other side of the counter, waiting impatiently for her indulgent drink.

“I’ll get that for you,” Ramona told the frail lady without enthusiasm.  She went into action on the latte, with her patented, sullenly slow-motion technique.

“I want whip cream,” chirped the lady, repeating her earlier instruction.  She was clearly perturbed at having her carefully planned Arcata idyll interrupted by a teenage barista’s incompetence and was eager to re-join her equally elderly lady friends at one of the cafe’s little wooden tables covered with one of the hotel’s quaint, handmade tablecloths so they could plan out their birding or antiquing adventures for the day.

“Yeah,” said Devin.  He’d popped back up, a soggy towel in one hand.  As Ramona plunked the latte on the counter, he grabbed a nearby canister and shot onto it an unceremonious glob of lopsided whip cream, giving the latte a final, disorderly glop of indignity.  The tourist lowered her white eyebrows darkly but took the cup and retreated without another word before some other injury could be visited on her beverage.

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Other characters who would not be as interesting if named Tom are included in my sci-fi extravaganza Space Command and the Planets of Doom:

Bringing you another eye-popping edition of Behind the Tweet, this installment looks behind the scenes at the crafting of my recent mind-spinning tweet:

Idea for a story #32: The Dancing Eisenhowers go undercover to break up a Swiss wig smuggling ring.

This concept has so many potential directions, it’s amazing it hasn’t been done before.  It’s a natural story to appeal to all the four main fiction reading quadrants: lovers of mystery, dancing, presidents and wacky schemes.  The tale would even lend itself to instant musical adaptation.

Imagine The Dancing Eisenhowers themselves as a four man crew (although a female Eisenhower could open up lots of interesting possibilities for gender-assumption interrogations).  There’s Jed, a veteran, seasoned Dancing Eisenhower, who’s danced through it all, relived the highlights of both administrations, and done the pas de deux with Nixon until he’s sore in the phalanges.  Then there’s Milt, the flashy, show biz Eisenhower – a standout glamour boy who shamelessly uses his status as a marquee-topping DE to score with the babes.  Then there’s Murl, the fish-out-of-water country boy, always having to disguise his dyed-in-the-cotton yokel vocal tones when the DEs do another round of New York City PR interviews.  And finally, there’s Tug, the young up-and-comer, barely old enough to pass for an Eisenhower, his head newly shaven and his attitude full of spit and polish and vim and vigor, but primed for a speedy disillusioning when the hard, footsore reality of long-term Eisenhower dancing sets in.

Just as this ill-assorted crew is coping with the latest strenuous demands placed on them by skinflint manager Barnes “Barney Boy” Q. Barnes, they’re drawn into the crazy machinations of The Hair Pin, a Geneva-based megalomaniac determined to get a corner on the world wig market.  To get the boys under his thumb, The Hair Pin kidnaps the Dancing Eisenhower’s occasional female guest dancer, America’s ‘first girl of tap dance’, Buttercup ‘Mamie’ Melchers.  Holding her hostage in a secure Swiss bank vault, the Hair Pin threatens to permanently wax Mamie’s scalp unless the boys do his nefarious bidding and use their all-too convenient baldness as a means of smuggling rare wigs out of the mansion of his archenemy, legendary hairpiece collector Baron Tonscha von Hansard.

After plenty of machinations, gyrations and bare-knuckle, bare-headed thrills, things wind up with an all-singing, all-dancing, all-Ikeing finale, as the boys reveal The Hair Pin as a crypto-fascist follicle fetishist and he’s hauled off to serve time in a Swiss cuckoo house.  Then it’s back on stage for a joyous chorus of ‘Eisenhower and How!’ before the curtain falls.

At least, that’s one variation of how this tweet could play out.  But then, there’s more than one way to dance an Eisenhower.


For more absurdity check out my short story collection ‘Space Command and the Planets of Doom’: