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Behind the Tweet #2

Ever since the first installment in my groundbreaking series Behind the Tweet, numerous followers have probably considered asking for a sequel.  And if it wouldn’t be a good idea to do a sequel, why did I call the first post Behind the Tweet #1?


So, in response to possible demand, I present another peek behind the curtain into the process behind some of my most amazing tweets.  This time, we’ll look at the following tweet:


Idea for story #15  Mocked as a child, Papaya Boy grows up to save America from a mutant coconut invasion.


The first hints of this tweet came into being with the simple image of Papaya Boy.  There are plenty of superheroes out there named after animals, insects and even pieces of camping equipment.  (Green Lantern!)  But what about superheroes inspired by fruit?


The young Papaya Boy would be one of those oddities in the schoolyard, playing by himself with his fruit action figures, carving heroic sculptures from unripe bananas and plotting his early efforts to defeat the malignant coconut mutants.


But after a fateful adolescent trip to Indonesia, where Papaya Boy is mentored in harnessing and channeling his Papaya powers by Tiki-Bono, the wizened Fruit Sage, and handily defeats the Palm Frond People, he returns to his hometown and shows the bullies just what shortsighted troglodytes they really were.


You can imagine his future adventures could bring him into repeated conflict with some of the great fruit villains in the universe.


So that is another astonishing peek behind the scenes at another amazing tweet.  To see this tweet and others of the same ilk follow me @brianhenry63